Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I recently told myself "digital sucks!" and so I'm going to take my film camera out for a spin (also because one of my lens is funked.  And I need a new battery or something because its telling me I have an error with that battery... which is very strange to me...

So expect more B/W film to come...I also bought color film... because I've never seen what kinda color pics that camera can develop...I hope its UNREAL!... but I have only taken about 10 B/W I have a lot to go until I see my color stuff

one love


  1. we live in a digital world bryan. get used to it.

  2. don't listen to him. get yo film on man. dig it. its the way to go. would you rather have ice cream or soft serve vanilla flavored milk treat? just saying...

  3. film for sure. what kind of camera?

  4. i bet soft serve vanilla flavored milk treat has fewer calories