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I cant decide which picture to submit for my "Flash and Ambient" project

I would prefer this one...but i dont think my class could handle it


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So im working on a project...

and it's for design class.  It's suppose to be a story/comic...and this is my progress so far.  (we're suppose to show the key elements of design can you guess what is what (out of the 2)  (these arent the finals just drawing my ideas)



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I call this "Lion's Mane"

Just going through some old pictures aaaaannnnnddddd....

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this is to patrick

Ignore the poor quality of the scan...we're not all Sam Spina
(it looks better in person)
fujipan 100 film.  illford glossy fiber  paper.  "night shot"

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"(this is what he is doing)"  thank you for finding that sam

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Charleston bound!

Here is my spacious living room... Great for entertaining!


this is part 2 of my living room

Here is my small...but comfortable kitchen... long as that refrigerator door opens...ha ha just kidding!


Great little table for eating or playing cards with the guys!


Here is my bathroom (i was kinda grossed out posting this...and cant think of anything funny to say because of the "gross" factor


Here is my room from the hallway...does a pig live there OR WHAT!

Here is the mess...i mean my room... from inside

This is my spacious closet... Great for storing!!! and wrinkly shirts!!!


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